Planning a Spring Garden Party

Great Britain isn’t always blessed with warm weather, so when a few rays finally start to peak their head from behind the clouds, it’s time to make the most of it and consider your next outdoor event (before the inevitable happens and the weather changes).

The latest blog post from Big Top Marquees discusses, top tips for planning your next spring garden party.

The Perfect Setting

So it might be a little obvious for us to push the benefits of a marquee, but the truth is, there are so many, we’d be silly not to. Being reliant on the weather is what puts so many people off from holding an event outdoors, then when the weather turns out to be amazing, they regret not taking the chance to seize it. With a marquee, you have all the advantages of being outside and in a location of your choosing, with the benefit of having complete cover and warmth, should the weather make a turn for the worse.

What’s more, a marquee provides you with complete control over the decor of your setting, unlike an already decorated venue which may have restrictions on what you can and can’t change.

Step into Spring

Spring lends itself to bright pastel tones, bunting and amazing fresh food, so when planning your spring party, be sure to capture the essence of spring throughout each aspect.

When it comes to the food, keep things light. Consider dips with a choice of breadsticks, crisps and crackers. Canapes and fruit salads also work especially well. If you’re feeling really fancy, you might opt to have a smoothie station where your guests can create their own unique drink with lots of fruit, salad and juice options.

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