How To Decorate A Marquee For A Wedding?


Decorating a marquee can be challenging as they can look dull without the right furniture and lighting for your events. We have listed some decorating tips below to help you decorate for your event and create a warm welcome for your guests to enjoy their night.

With the right decorations, you can enhance the appearance of your decor and as it is going to be the first thing the guest sees when they walk in, it is guaranteed to leave a great first impression!



Wedding balloons come in all different shapes and sizes. They are normally transparent, round and come with matching tassels, streamers or a material of your choice. Balloons are becoming the ‘go to’ decorations for weddings and the variety of different styles, personalisation options and colours makes it versatile just about any wedding!

Centre Pieces


Centre pieces can make a impact on the big night by creating bold and eye-catching centre pieces to go on the tables and around the marquee.
When it comes to centre piece decorations, less can be more for weddings. Centre pieces are an important element for the marquee decorations. Simple decorations can make a good first impression.

Table linen complemented with table runners, candles, floral, vases and ribbons can be used as a minimal approach for your centre piece. Please note that there should be good use of space on the table when using centre pieces.



Lighting is an important part of the decor when it comes to your party. Fairy LED lights are a great way to go as they can add warmth to the room and look great as decoration. Choose multi-colored lights over white lights, and select those that flicker and flash to create a warm, inviting, and lovely atmosphere.

If you are planning for either a birthday party or a wedding party, LED lights will work well in either scenario as they can provide enough light but also create a great party atmosphere.

Please take into consideration the use of LED lights over traditional lights, as they are more energy efficient which means they won’t overheat.

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