5 Wedding Trends for 2021

Unfortunately, most weddings in 2020 have or will be cancelled or at least reduced in size due to coronavirus. As much as we all want this virus to go away, it will still have a lasting effect on our country and all of the other countries around the world, for many months and years to come. This will also play a part for weddings in 2021, this article will go through the upcoming trends and how you can incorporate them to create a beautiful wedding.



















Our economy is the lowest it has been in a very long time. Coronavirus has hit the UK hard and small businesses are struggling to stay afloat. The biggest trend we expect to see are couples buying from local British boutiques rather than global brands. This will be seen in everything from dress shopping with local designers to purchasing stationery from independent people on Etsy rather than Amazon. It doesn’t stop here, local photographers and caterers will be chosen over bigger companies too, as we all help to support local businesses in their time of need.


thank you card

Over these past few months, everyone has experienced things they never thought they would have to. We have been told not to leave our home, that we can’t go and see loved ones, we have felt fear that maybe someone we know would get sick but in hindsight, it makes a wedding in 2021 that bit more special than before. We have all gone through the same thing but now when you celebrate with your friends and family, you will feel that extra bit more grateful which is something we expect will be reflected in a lot of people’s weddings.  Adding in special little gestures to show people you care is something we also expect to see in 2021. Adding a personal note or some thank-you biscuits for each guest to show your gratitude or maybe some special flower arrangements for some close friends and family that you are thankful for.


church wedding

A lot of people are wanting their weddings to be more sentimental and traditional in 2021, this will be shown in everything from the timeless dresses to the old churches. People want that local and traditional church for their weddings, fulfilling nostalgic childhood dreams with the arched entrance and picturesque countryside views. Then instead of having an extravagant after-party, people are generally planning on renting a marquee and having it in their parent’s garden or some other private home setting. People are becoming more appreciative of sentimental moments, people want their wedding to neither be too big nor too small, just having the right people there is most important.


wedding hair

Just because people are keeping things intimate and traditional that doesn’t mean the brides don’t want the glam. We have been locked in our homes for months on end so expect to see sparkles and pearls on hair accessories alongside beautiful statement earrings and necklaces. However, this is not only limited to the bride, over months of wearing nothing but jogging bottoms and jumpers, we all want an excuse to dress up nice, so expect full glam from all of your guests too.

Micro Weddings

wedding seating

Of course, the big extravagant wedding sounds perfect but sometimes people don’t want that and sometimes it is not an option. Micro weddings with less than 20 people are something that we will be seeing in 2021 as well. This year has been extremely tough for people, some financially and some mentally so for some people having a smaller, intimate gathering is the perfect solution. Sharing your special day with a select few is extremely special and because you are saving money on guests, more of the budget can be spent on outfits, decorations or even the honeymoon which I am sure all of us would not mind splurging on right now after months indoors.

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