COVID-19 Testing Tents & Emergency Marquees


At Big Top Marquees, we know that the current outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in major disruption and a high demand for external spaces. So, we are able to provide isolation and emergency testing tents to key businesses who need to test their employees before going into the workplaces. 

With the COVID-19 Outbreak affecting the whole country, it’s necessary that key workers are given the right equipment & safety precautions so that they can do their jobs without fear. Testing your employees before they enter the workplace will help slow the spread & reduce the risk of your employees becoming contagious.

Our expert team can provide you with the best quality testing tents to help test your key workers to make sure they are COVID-19 free.

These tents can be used to:

  • Provide a safe space for testing of employees before they enter the workplace to lower the risk of contamination. 
  • To store and shelter medical equipment and prevent contamination with the virus. 

If you’re looking for specialist isolation & testing tents, get in touch with our team of experts who can help you out, either by calling us on 01933 350 336 or filling in our online contact form.