Handling the Heat in a Marquee

There’s no doubt about it, the summertime marks the most popular time of year for marquees to be used for a wide variety of functions. Despite giving you a great outdoor location, there are a few things you should consider if hiring a marquee in the summertime, including how you’ll handle the temperature. Keep reading for top tips from Big Top Marquees.

Marquee Windows and Doors

Although marquees will provide some much-needed shade to an outdoor event in the summer, they can become extremely hot if appropriate measures aren’t taken. In order to allow a breeze to flow through your marquee, consider rolling up the walls on one side. Make sure to open the marquee up to face the breeze or on the side with most shade for maximum effect.

Fans in a Marquee

Some people forget that marquees can easily support heavy accessories, including chandeliers and ceiling fans. If you’re concerned about the temperature on the day of your summer events, ceiling fans could provide some welcome relief. Floor fans also come in sleek designs which may be placed discreetly at the side of the dance floor or towards the opening of your marquee.

Best Marquee Layout

The layout of your marquee can make a great difference to how warm the marquee gets throughout your event.

If your wedding reception will be in the afternoon, when the sun is at its strongest, you may want to ensure that the windows are not positioned on the south wall. As sun the sun moves throughout the day, it should start to feel a bit cooler as it reaches the west side.

If you are hosting a wedding reception in your marquee, having the top table on the east facing wall will help the bride from feeling too hot in her wedding dress.

Big Top Marquees

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